Pwoteksyon ak Defans Dwa Timoun

Fòmasyon ESK-DT Wo JefreyLimyè Lavi’s child protection work specifically addresses the rights of children living in rural communities who are either susceptible to entering the restavèk system as child domestic laborers, or who have already left their home communities as part of it.  Child Protection Committees are formed in each Model Community to strengthen community leadership and provide a structure for each community to address the specific situations of families who send their children out of the community in search of education, only to find they all too often don’t get to go to school, and instead receive harsh or abusive treatment as part of the restavèk system.  

The Child Protection Committees are vital in identifying topics needed for trainings to reverse this flow, using participatory methods such as Reflection Circles and Open Space meetings to raise awareness about the child servitude, and holding educational sessions to teach about the risks and vulnerabilities that lead to children entering the restavèk system as a strategy to minimize them.  Limyè Lavi’s social workers train Child Protection Committee members to support the families who bring their children back to live in the rural community, providing them with psycho-social support, access to Accelerated School classes in the community, and financial guidance.

Education is a Conversation (ESK) is a specially prepared series of participatory modules that uses storytelling and discussion to raise awareness and educate about topics such as child rights, education, family planning, and the environment.  Designed to facilitate change through action, these modules aid the community to gain information, analyze their roles, and create strategies for change.  The Child Protection Committees are a valuable community resource that help continue change long after Limyè Lavi’s direct involvement is finished; creating sustainable, long-term results.