Bati Relayson ak Kominote a

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Positive relationships among community members and with Limyè Lavi are an important part of effective work, and lasting change.  Early in the creation of the Community Model Initiative, each community identifies a local committee that is responsible for planning and monitoring the work and coordinating with Limyè Lavi.  This volunteer committee assures that all stakeholders have a voice in the process and that everyone has a chance to contribute their skills and talents to the work.  Their efforts provide a stronger community, one that is more organized; a community where people, because they are accountable to each other, work together.


Limyè Lavi engages the community, through the leadership of the committee, in conducting a series of activities to identify their  strengths, develop a deeper understanding of problems, and determine common goals.  This work ultimately lays the foundation that inspire the change that reduces and prevents the vulnerabilities that cause the flow of children into the restavèk system.