Our Work Methods

Limyè Lavi prioritizes methods which are based on participation, which allow people to respectfully share ideas, develop tolerance and democratic spirit between them and facilitate the development of collective and shared leadership in their communities. We develop and use methods such as:

photo-2Reflection Circles: A method that encourages each person in a group to listen to each other. It facilitates dialogue and group discussion with respect for each other. This method uses philosophical texts to engage the group in discussion and are chosen in such a way as to spark discussion and reflection. Community leaders, university students, elementary school students, and those who can't read and write, all use this method.

DSC00866Open Space: A methodology developed in the U.S. by an American named Harrison Owen. Limyè Lavi has trained in this method and adapted it into Kreyòl for Haiti. Limyè Lavi, has trained several organizations in this method. It is a method Limyè Lavi uses in its work to facilitate group discussion and dialogue. Open Space methodology is used by various organizations and partners in our network, as well as others. Limyè Lavi uses Open Space Method in all its strategic interventions, and in our activities in the communities. Limyè Lavi, has trained leaders from several organizations, and community leaders have been trained in the Open Space method.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 5.05.44 PM

ESK (Education is a Conversation): A method Limyè Lavi uses to train participants about Children's Rights, Reproductive Health, the Environment…etc.. Limyè Lavi created this method with the participation of other organizations, Fonkoze, and Beyond Borders. This method uses illustrations so people can understand more easily, even if they don't know how to read or write. Limyè Lavi has been using this method for more than five years.