Values ​​that Guide our Work


We work with all our strength to build a society based on social justice.

Solidarity :

We call solidarity all actions we do together and with others or communities to find solutions to collective problems

-We maintain solidarity with our partner and we remain open.

-We want to invest in helping our partners think about their living conditions and make decisions for their communities.

-We collaborate with partners who share our philosophy so we can move forward.

-We support each other in personal and professional need.

-We strengthen, facilitate and create links between us and among communities.

-We accompany our staff to work side by side to help communities solve their problems.

Wisdom and Humility :

-We learn along with people in the communities.

-We are attentive to the situation of the communities, their needs are our guide.

-Interventions are built on trust, respect, collaboration, listening, keeping our word.

-Errors should not deter us, they are a way to improve our methods while we correct them.

Honesty and Integrity:

-We demonstrate respect for each other.

-Honesty, and work ethics in all we do.

-Resources for the communities go to the communities.

-We are open to share with everyone about our work, and our actions.

-We effectively manage resources for the communities that we work with.

-We work with communities to help them better manage their resources.