What's Happening?

This site has 3 three main goals:

1. This site helps us become clearer and more organized in how we operate as an organization. Limyè Lavi's work is dynamic, and is evolving according to the realities that exist in the communities where we work.. We want to find ways of working that are useful, sustainable, and which lead us to better results. The site is still in construction, and it's not finished.. Check periodically to see what's new.

2. We are very busy. Every day we climb mountains, we participate in training epi vizite lekòl, we meet with people in communities so they themselves can become clearer and more effective in what we are doing together. We do not sit in an office where it's easy to find us. This site can help people know what Limyè Lavi is doing to improve the lives of Peasants and marginalized people in Haiti, decrease the reasons why people enter the Restavèk System, and ultimately, to completely eliminate the Restavèk System all together.

3. We want to give you an example of what we are doing, so you can, regardless of where you are in Haiti, or in countries like the United States, or elsewhere like Africa, participate with us, in the struggle to raise the importance of our children and all people who are seeking a better way to live. We hope you find ideas here that help you know how you can do that even better. Don't forget to share your experience, and your context, so that we can learn from you, too.