Manm Konsey ak Ekip LL

Maryse Jean-Jacques: Madam Jean-Jacques se yon pwofesè nan Inivesite Syans Zimèn depi plizyè lane nan depatman Sèvis Sosyal. Lap viv Ayiti. Li se direktris Sant Edikasyon Espesyal ki se sèl enstitisyon nasyonal a bi non likratif ki panche sou pwoblèm defisyans Entèlektyèl nan peyi a.

Maryse gen anpil eksperyans nan domèn sosyal e travay li rekonèt epi respekte nan Ayiti ak lòt kote

Fondasyon an fyè pou genyen nouvo manm konsèy sa a ki rejwenn lòt manm konsèy yo.

Magalie Boyer: Magalie Boyer is a public policy professional, with more than 20 years of experience in education, law, project management, and child protection, among other fields. She graduated from Agnes Scott (in Decatur, Georgia), with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, and also holds degrees from Middlebury College and the University of South Carolina Law School.  In Haiti, her work experience spans numerous sectors, including the Haitian government and international NGOs.  A Haitian citizen, Magalie currently lives in Port-au-Prince with her husband and their youngest child, Jonathan.

Peter Graeff is an American living in Haiti for 25 years. He was IAF’s representative in Haiti and currently lives in Lagonave/Port-au-Prince. He works with many organizations in Haiti.

Guerda Lexima-Constant has served as General Coordinator of the Limyè Lavi Foundation since 2009.  She has been employed by Limyè Lavi since 1997, serving with the team to protect children’s rights, and coordinating the Model Community Project. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics  (University of Hautes Etudes Commerciales et Economique), and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Universite d’Etat d’Haiti (State University of Haiti).  She is a leader in the NGO community working in child rights in Haiti and serves on the advisory boards of ‘Restavèk Foundation’ , Haiti Partners, Art works for Freedom, Fireside International, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)……. She has 13 years of experience doing research and working with Haitian street children and children in servitude in Haiti. Under her leadership, two national networks working against child servitude in Haiti have been born. Guerda has multiple experiences working with grassroots NGOs as trainer on leadership, organizational development and with rural communities in Haiti. She has strong leadership skills and NGOs frequently solicit her advice.  In Haiti , her work experience spans numerous sectors, including local NGOs and International NGOs. Haitian citizen, she currently lives in Haiti (Jacmel) with her husband and three children.
Jhony Saint-Louis first served as coordinator of the Limyè Lavi program, Schools Alive, for two years before becoming the Limyè Lavi Program Director. He is co-founder and an active member of a cultural group called Rasin Lespwa (Roots of Hope) in Darbonne, Leogane.  He provides trainings and materials in participatory leadership and discussion-based education.  He has a bachelor’s degree in social communication. He has worked for several years with many NGOs in Haiti and has extensive experience working with grassroot and NGO organizations and rural communities in Haiti.  Jhony has worked with Limyè Lavi since 2006.  He has strong leadership skills and other staff members and NGOs frequently solicit his advice. He is a board member of Haiti Partners Project. Jhony lives in Darbone.

Samson Joseph is a school teacher and community leader.  He has been working with Limyè Lavi for a long time and has helped manage numerous community projects.  He is an active education and leadership trainer throughout Haiti. He has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and has a lot of experience implementing projects in rural communities.  He is a good technician and man of the field.  He works very hard to accomplish everything he starts. Samson currently lives in Jacmel with his wife and one child.

Marc-Aurel Lindor is the program coordinator of Limyè Lavi’s Campaign to End Child Servitude.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Education Science.  He has experience providing teacher training.  He is studying law and has collaborated with Limyè Lavi since 2011. A dynamic person, he is frequently solicited for his advice and is always available to work on the ground with people in need. Marc-Aurel is lives in Haiti with his wife and two children.

Patrick Hilaire is the Limyè Lavi accountant.   He has worked with the Foundation since 2012.  He has a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

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