Congratulations to Meno Community School!


When Limyè Lavi began working with the Meno Community School in 2007, there were 70 students on the roster and many more children who didn’t attend ; there were 5 teachers for 9 classes. Prioritizing education, Limyè Lavi initiated a Match program whereby the school was able to pay its teachers, provide a book bank so the students had access to text books, and repair the school building.

Today, thanks to the support of Limyè Lavi’s Model Community Initiative and the work of the school leaders and community, all children in the Meno community are attending school. The school finished the 2014-15 school year with 213 students; there is one teacher per class, and the school is one of the schools in the Southeast Department that achieved the highest scores on the national exam. The Haitian Government has nationalized this school, and will continue the work begun through Limyè Lavi’s Model Community Initiative. Limyè Lavi congratulates the principals, teachers, staff, and students for their hard work and success!

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