Akonpayman Agro-Ekonomik


Limyè Lavi works with the most marginalized communities of Haiti. People in these communities depend primarily on agriculture. These communities are in the mountains where slope pitch exceeds 60%, consequently needing special agricultural techniques. Farmers need special training to learn methods that allow more water into the soil and conserve their land in order to get better harvests.

When Limyè Lavi begins agro-economic work in a community it analyzes the work that is being done, and identifies families determined to be at greater economic risk. Building on what is currently done, and adding techniques specifically geared to their growing climate, Limyè Lavi’s agricultural technicians hold trainings for these families who form the Model Farmers Group.  This group replicates best practices using locally available and culturally appropriate methods. Micro-saving practices assure that this work is integrated into the other aspects of the Community Model Initiative, and fulfills Limyè Lavi’s vision of building a stable economy for families so all children in these communities can live at home and lead lives as all children should.