Ki Sa Limyè Lavi Ye

Limyè Lavi was founded March 1994. Based in Jacmel, Haiti, we work in education, advocacy for children’s rights for youth in the child servitude (restavèk) system, and in promoting alternative teaching methods that prioritize exchange and dialogue.  We work with 9 rural communities in the southwest who are known to have sent children into child servitude, now dedicated to working to reduce the vulnerabilities and risks that made that necessary, and bringing their children back to the community to live safer, happier lives with their families.  

Limyè Lavi’s work is funded by organizations in the U.S. and Haiti.  To improve our work and increase our productivity, we changed our structure from a non-hierarchical model to a semi-hierarchical structure. Even as we’ve made these changes, we recognize the importance of participatory approaches among all staff working in the program, and respect toward all people and organizations working collaboratively with us.

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